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Prevention, according to SAMHSA, is a process that empowers individuals and systems to meet the challenges of life events and transitions by creating and reinforcing conditions that promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

Prevention focuses on avoiding an occurrence of first use, relapse, harm, or the development of a disorder. Prevention plays a role in all aspects of the continuum of care. Prevention is broad. It means increasing protective factors and reducing risk factors.

The role of prevention is to create healthy communities in which people have a high quality of life through:

HEALTH PROMOTION: environmental strategies that influence the general population such as:

• Media campaigns for a wide variety of target populations and focus issues
• Prevention & Resiliency Oriented Messages, treatment access and recovery messages
• Pro-social, substance-free activities
• Alcohol, tobacco and drug free public spaces and events

DIRECT SERVICE PREVENTION: specific activities with groups or individuals such as:

• Programs such as mentoring to prevent early initiation of alcohol or drug use
• Student Assistance Programs in schools and colleges
• Required coursework on risks and harm associated with substance misuse, progression of alcohol, tobacco and drug use in schools and colleges

POLICY WORK: effective policies in schools, colleges, workplaces, medical clinics, community law enforcement, and others:

• Student Assistance Screening (schools and colleges)
• Athletic and co-curricular policies that support no alcohol, tobacco or drug use
• Work place education, pre-employment alcohol/drug screens
• Universal Screening of patients for substance use in primary care
• Regular patrols of targeted areas and events
• Regulations and laws that limit or restrict alcohol, tobacco or drug use
• Limits to the number of alcohol/tobacco retailers in a geographic area
• Limitations on signs and advertising specific to alcohol and tobacco outside of retail            establishments
• Regulations restricting sales of alcohol, tobacco or drug paraphernalia and images
• Restricting sales of synthetic products used to get high