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PANDEMIC Survive and Thrive Together Guide


The COVID 19 pandemic has without a doubt effected productivity, retaining a strong workforce and the bottom line. Every business big or small is having to rethink how they operate to keep their employees safe, supported and informed. During this time of uncertainty, we believe clear communication is important along with being aware of the stress and mental toll this pandemic may have on both employees and employers. Below are links that will provide you the latest information and strategies for wellness tips designed to be shared:

From the GM Chamber of Commerce:This unprecedented situation has forced us to adjust on the fly to new ways of doing business and carry on with daily life. While it is too early to know to what extent the important public health restrictions and guidelines put in place in recent weeks have “flattened the curve” of COVID-19, it is important we remain focused and each do our part to stop the spread. Please do your part to follow public health and social distancing recommendations and encourage your neighbors, families, and friends to do the same. The sooner our collective action has an impact, the sooner we can chart a course back to normalcy.

During the Pandemic response find information for your business at our local partners:


Distant learning, remote learning, virtual learning, oh my! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our world has been turned upside down! But we got this! Our education institutions are working diligently to reset how we get a new system set up, stay on track and keep our youth, young people and professionals engaged and learning. As with most everything else, how this all happens is changing almost daily. Please take a few minutes to check out the information, strategies and tools that are available through the following links:




The uncertainty of the current events due to the COVID-19 pandemic can severely affect the mental and physical well-being of an individual, as well as family members. The Health providers and organizations within the Greater Manchester region may have altered the way they operate; however, they are still here and available to address physical and mental health concerns. For updates regarding how to access support please visit the following:

For the latest COVID-19 Healthcare updates, click the links below:





As the leadership for a community, the governing body is looked upon to communicate and develop a plan to address local COVID 19 concerns/issues. Government plays a key role leading a community towards solutions. The greater Manchester region has eight communities, please visit your community’s website for the most updated information for your area:

Safety/Law Enforcement

As the front-line response, our first responders are the window into the toll the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our communities. Our first responders need our help to keep them safe, to ensure they can do their jobs. For information regarding updates and ways our first responders are working in collaboration with our local, state and federal government please review the information available on the following links:



TCommunity and family support organizations are key to building resiliency.

Staying healthy, connected and focused on solutions can help to get us from surviving to thriving:

Keep calm, wash your hands and take time to breathe deeply, get some sunshine and fresh air.  Give yourself a ‘timeout’ if staying home with your loved ones is making you anxious-it happens! We are checking in with the following federal, state and local partners for tips, strategies and updates:

Connecting and staying tuned into individuals in your life during these uncertain times is one of the most important things we can all do. If you feel like someone in your life is feeling anxious, making harmful or self-hurting statements, or has turned to unhealthy habits to cope, intervene! Often times, just picking up the phone or reaching out through social media will be enough of a gesture, for someone that has a concerning behavior, to pull them back on track. If you feel someone needs additional help consider helping them get connected to support:

It’s important to know and understand that treatment is available, our treatment partners are ready and willing to help you get AND maintain treatment. That said, things are changing almost daily as the state of NH continues to develop strategies to keep all Granite staters safe and positive as we work through this pandemic.

One day at a time, may need to be reframed to one hour at a time during these very unsettling times. Although in-person meetings and support centers have been put on hold for now, our recovery community partners are doing a great job setting up phone check-in options as well as virtual meetings. Take each day to connect and get support and offer support to others that may need to hear your voice and see your beautiful, hopeful smile!


Coming soon! 

Makin’ It Happen will be hosting a weekly Zoom meeting, “I’m okay, are you okay?” to address emerging issues during the current state of emergency and response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Topics will vary and will usually come out of the previous weeks discussion.  Content for each weeks meeting will be announced on Friday afternoons for the following Wednesday meeting at 3:00PM.  So far we have discussed:

  1. MAT During C19 Pandemic: Emerging issues and regulatory exceptions
  2. Pandemic Parenting!
  3. Understanding and Reframing the Stress of Social Distancing with Emily Daniels of Here THIS Now

The zoom link will be distributed by email, and posted on our Facebook page.  If you need the link, or for more information, contact Brian Mooney at:  brm@mih4u.org