Check out this amazing new podcast called Life of a Teen (LOAT) created by our empowerYOUTH members! LOAT is a special project designed, developed and created by the Senior members of empowerYOUTH!.  LOAT will be a series of six podcasts, a mixture of the Seniors sharing their experiences, and interviewing a few key adults that support/or have supported them. Join Aron, Quincy, V, Catherine and Olivia on an exploration of their thoughts, experiences and solutions. The podcast will dive into their thoughts on pressing topics as broad as leadership or as deep as mental health.

Today’s topic will be DEA Prescription Take Back Day with special guest  DEA Special Agent in Charge Jon DeLena. Today’s topic may include discussion of intense subject matter, such as suicide, substance misuse and mental illness. This may be upsetting to some listeners. Please be advised and seek resources when needed.


Find the location nearest you and dispose of unwanted prescription drugs on #TakeBackDay! April 24th from 10am – 2pm.