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Young Adult Strategies

We are planning strategies with guidance from young adults themselves, to focus on building up and supporting our emerging workforce, ages 18-25, in our communities. The goal of this program is to help ensure a more healthy, less difficult path for this population as they transition into adulthood.

Some research: Why Focus on Young Adults?

“The percentage of individuals in the United States with past year illicit drug dependence or abuse was highest among young adults 18–25. Young adults in New Hampshire have higher rates of alcohol and drug misuse when compared with young adults nationally. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Healthy, young adults in New Hampshire (18–25 years of age) are using prescription painkillers non-medically at higher rates (9.8%) than other states in the Northeast region1 (7.8%) and the rest of the nation (8.3%). New Hampshire young adults also have a higher rate of illicit drug dependence and abuse and non-marijuana illicit drug use than the rest of the country.” (To read the full report, please follow this link: The Voice of New Hampshire’s Young Adults Executive Summary).

Okay, so what is there to do in greater Manchester that’s a healthier, but affordable option. How to I meet people my age without having to frequent the “bar scene?”

Here’s a few ideas, but we’d love to hear yours! 

Stay tuned for updates as our Young Adult Strategies program develops!

Are you a Young Adult living or working in the Greater Manchester Region, and do you want to get involved in creating healthier communities for your peers? We invite you to contact Kristie Curtis, Young Adult Strategies Coordinator, to learn more about ways you can be involved: kc@mih4u.org.

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