SPI | Suicide Prevention Initiative

SPi Greater Manchester Region is a suicide prevention initiative based on the belief that:

  • Suicide is generally preventable
  • Everyone plays a role in suicide prevention
  • Prevention is a collaborative effort

The SPi monthly meetings are generally held quarterly starting @ 9:30AM @ the  OYS office  located at 1045 Elm Street Manchester, NH.  Please email us for upcoming dates, mft@mih4u.org

Suicide Prevention Initiative Blueprint

Three main over arching goals:

  • Development of Universal Protocol
  • Thought out and thoughtful regional rollout plan
  • Sustainability plan (a flexible plan that supports financial and staffing changes, collects data and tracks rollout progress with review/evaluation reset check points)

Six Core Impact Sectors:

  1. Business
  2. Health/Medical
  3. Education/Schools
  4. Safety/Law enforcement
  5. Government/Elected Office
  6. Community/Family
Upcoming Events
6:00 pm Connect the Dots: Mental Health ... @ Manchester Health Department
Connect the Dots: Mental Health ... @ Manchester Health Department
May 30 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Our mental health can be compromised by so many things like sudden loss, complex trauma, chronic illness, co-occurring disorders, and more. Without the proper diagnosis and treatment, people often turn to alternative substances and begin[...]