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Child Safety Tips — Keeping Kids Safe

Recently, several NH Middle School students “snuck” a therapeutic cannabis edible (chocolate) from another family member who was a registered, qualifying patient. NHPR coverage can be found here:

Unfortunately, we have a “teachable moment” in front of us, and it would be best to use it as such.

The time is now for therapeutic cannabis CHILD SAFETY tips and information fact sheet to be widely promoted for communities, families, and youth. Our focus is on child safety and on using core public health principles to guide the implementation of our state’s Therapeutic Cannabis program. Click here for the cannabis law/responsible use fact sheet.

These documents were created specifically in response to NH’s Therapeutic Cannabis program to promote clear information about the law and child safety information for parents/caregivers. These documents were developed under the leadership of Traci Fowler, Senior Program Officer at NH Charitable Foundation, during her tenure as Chair of NH’s Prevention Task Force, in partnership with the NH Center for Excellence and were then approved by the Governor’s Commission and the NH Division of Public Health.

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