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MAKIN IT HAPPEN in the 603

Family 411

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester is offering information support sessions to loved ones impacted by mental illness and co-occurring disorders. Family 411 is a weekly (approximately 60-90 minutes) —4 session group session with in- formation for families...

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Don’t Miss “In The Heights” Goffstown High School, February 15-23rd. Follow link for more info and tickets. Congratulations to our GHS empowerYOUTH! members who have been working so hard on this production, we can't wait to support...

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Courageous Community Conversations Series

Goffstown Public Library: This year’s Courageous Community Conversations are focused on race and diversity in America. Our reading list and conversations are designed to help us understand many racial and cultural issues, as well as provide a starting point to open up...

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